Horology and the 18th Century

One of the people I’ve interviewed for my book is Robert St-Louis, who studies horology (clock- and watch-making) and has done extensive research on the 18th-century French watch-maker, André-Charles Caron, among other topics. These are short extracts from a wide-ranging telephone interview I did with Robert on October 17, 2019.

the beginnings of watch-making in Europe

watch-making in England and France in the 18th century

Robert St-Louis developed an interest in horology after retirement. He has done research in books and online as well as in horological journals. He’s also a collector, acquiring some old tools and specimens of vintage clocks and watches, and he is trying to learn some repair and restoration skills. His main interest is in Parisian watch-makers in the 18th century. Contact him at RSTL9999@gmail.com.

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