Bulbous Writing

You could say there are four different kinds or qualities of writing: bad writing in which no care is given to the choice of words or the basics of grammar and syntax, and so it is a disorganized mess in which it is hard to figure out what the writer is trying to say good, […]

Bad Writing in Belated Support of a Good Dictionary

Samuel Johnson is a relatively obscure figure for most people, but there are a few facts about him that – if they know anything about him at all – people are likely to know. One is that he’s somehow associated with James Boswell, and that’s certainly true. A lot of readers know Johnson only through […]

The State of Sam

A lot of the people I follow on Twitter are academics, and mostly academics who specialize in 18th-century British literature. These are highly qualified and credentialed people, well educated, most of them with PhD’s, and who not only teach and research, but also do service work for their universities (serving on committees) or administrative work […]