Sam’s Thoughts and Prayers

I haven’t done writing so far this week for my Sam book, but I have come across a chapter in a book of selected essays about Sam — as well as a new selection from all of his writings, which I recently bought. The essay is about the prayers and resolutions that Sam made various […]

The Details Make It Real and Interesting

I am working on the part of the book where Sam has just gotten married in the town of Derby, and now he and his wife, Elizabeth – his beloved “Tetty” – are back in Sam’s home town of Lichfield. They need to find a job for him as a teacher. He is 26, well […]

In Terms of “In Terms Of”

I Googled this phrase at 7:14 a.m. on Wednesday, April 21, 2021, and there were 517,000,000 hits. It’s a phrase or word like any other in English in that its meaning and use have changed over time. It’s also a phrase that I resolutely never use in my writing, not because I object to change […]