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I don’t find the blogging about my writing about Johnson is slogging. But I set up a convenient form on my website where people can contact me, or send comments, or whatever they might want to do. It is here for my Johnson site and here for my general website. I’m going to have to take down both forms because — and I am not sure how exactly this works on the web — they have mostly been hijacked by people trying to sell me something, or simply saying “I love your comment” or something like that, or generally sending me something that has nothing to do with having read one of my blog postings and wanting to send comment, or having looked through my site and wanting to do the same. I’m no expert in this, but I doubt whether it’s individual people hunting down the websites of writers and librarians whom they can harangue with pointless comment: it’s probably some kind of bot or program that sends the same message to thousands (or millions) and hopes for — hopes for what, I am not sure.

I received one last Thursday from Jacketige at that kind of topped the lot of them. Not only did it have nothing to do with my site, but its contents seemed like the ravings of an unstable person (or literary genius?). The subject line was “80 % of females false it then” and it started like this:

in education, I kept to your neighbors into an agonizingly more or less drink waitress. late into the evening, in the aftermath of she had return home with operate, lady boyfriend he forced one specific hayundai, needless to say without doubt turn up with respect to his particular every night butt speak to. the entire rooms ended up being very thin. in a little while, as with clockwork, your woman’s singing ordinarily should pierce our drywall to provide a water vapor locomotive’s whistle: “Hehehehehe” and “Yesyesyes, and next a surge as to impressive pitched “Ohmigodohmigodohmigod, in addition to utilized jealous at the time, instantly apparently all this lady stoked vocals might have been just the female equivalent of “the couch presents itself nice living in individual tight pants or skirts, baby. trustworthy, a process of research for sale past month inside the microfiche about erotic routines implies that those apparently irrepressible “Ohmigods” for the duration of visible climax is actually learn performing arts designed “manipulate” men.

Maybe this is post-post-post modern literature that I don’t quite understand? Maybe it’s generated from some database? Maybe I should be worried about someone’s singing piercing my drywall and somehow providing water vapor for a locomotive’s whistle?

It ends with:

numerous, modern society and as well, as well as the social do not really relate to all of us suitable principles and lessons. research projects dependably train the fact that persons believe how to locate whatever another gender requires, but also that marilyn and i usually are other. and they turn up shopping to outguess various other. for this reason Muehlenhard believes that there may be nothing a challenge with will likely determine mind games maker present. we have a downside to so resonance. “it a problem to allow arousal industrial noise the moment one should be bored to death maybe in pain, the girl expressed. “that has to be preparing to convey falsehoods to an individual’s future spouse, Who most probably will consider that this sexual practice is amiable and really should be repeated the next occasion. I are convinced all together, dependability is better protection plan.

And now it sounds like those parody translations from Chinese, or those online translation sites that do their best to approximate English.

Anyway, as they say, it’s been a slice, it’s been fun, but I’ll be taking the forms down and replacing them with simple email addresses. I don’t know if this is a better or worse idea.

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