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Did I Miss Anything?

One of the challenges and pleasures of writing a biography of a person about whom so much has already been written by so many other people is this: did I miss anything? You don’t want to be the proud author of a new biography of, say, Shakespeare for example, and when the thing is published […]

Customer Service and Sam

The concept and practice of customer service existed in 18th-century London, but the term itself wasn’t used until 1922, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, which quotes the automotive section of the Washington Post for April 16: Joseph N. (‘Joe’) Thompson, in the accessory business, as well as distributor for Mason tires, a great stickler […]

The Choice of Life

This is the first of my effort to increase the frequency of this blog from a couple of times a month to weekly, usually and hopefully on Fridays. After it occurred to me to do this in an email exchange with my friend Oscar last week, I later thought of two very different authors: Jean-Paul […]